New criticisms on the celebrated text, I Jn5:7

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Book Cover: New criticisms on the celebrated text, I Jn5:7
Part of the The Authentic Text series:


ONE of the most powerful Opponents of the authenticity of 1 John V. 7., among the German Critics of the 18th century, was Dr. Semler*, in his "Historical Collections ;" quoted by Michaelis in his Introduction to the New Testament (Vol. IV. p. 425. Eng. Tr.)—" To Semler's arguments," says Michaelis, " Knittel has made some learned and specious objections, in his 'New Criticisms:' but, specious and learned as they are, they have not convinced me that Semler is mistaken."


This character of Knittel's Work, by an opponent of the controverted verse, excited an earnest wish, repeatedly expressed in the course of the controversy on the verse, that the English Reader might be put in possession of it, by a Translation from the German. In a former passage of his "Introduction" (p. 413), though Michaelis pronounces that Knittel has " totally failed" in his defence of the verse, yet he allows that the "New Criticisms" is "a valuable Work, and that much useful information may be deduced from it." Knittel was indeed one of the most learned, experienced, and judicious Critics of his day; and I am persuaded, that, when he is allowed to speak for himself, the decision which Michaelis has so authoritatively pronounced against his conclusions, will not be so readily admitted. I confidently anticipate, that a patient and impartial perusal of the following " Criticisms" will remove many inveterate prepossessions against the authenticity of the disputed Text; while the clear, judicious, and masterly chain of inductive reasoning which they develope, will give the force of demonstration to the conclusion legitimately deduced; viz. that 1 John V. 7. is, in very deed, an integral and aboriginal Text of Holy Scripture.

* Semler is the person to whom Knittel repeatedly alludes, as "a certain Doctor," "a Doctor of Upper Saxony," "a Pastoralist," &c &c. See pp. 27, 28, 29. 77. 113. 212.


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