Rev. Jeff Riddle’s interaction with Mr. James White over the Wretched Radio Youtube video. It includes an overview of the life of Dr. Bruce Metzger. The series is also interesting in showing the problem with Mr. White when confronted with his error. In this example his error is over 2 Peter 3:10, 1 John 5:7, and the history of Erasmus. There are 5 parts and after each audio there is a link to the source material.

Jeff Riddle’s Blog WM # 25: Review: Wretched Interview with James White

In this first audio, Rev. Riddle demonstrates Mr. White’s lack of historical knowledge concerning Erasmus and the popular Erasmus myths that Mr. White stubbornly retells. The evidence that these events did not occur has been around since the mid 1980s.  They are:

  1. Erasmus rushed to print
  2. Erasmus back translated the last 6 verses of Revelation
  3. Erasmus only added 1 John 5:7 due to a bet
At the Confessing Baptist site James White offers a response and accuses Rev. Riddle of not understanding the issue with 2 Peter 3:10. However, James Snapp Jr. comes along later and shows that it is in fact James White who doesn’t understand the issue with 2 Peter 3:10
In response to Word Magazine 25, Mr. White produced a screen flow video:
Rev. Riddle deals with the issues raised by Mr. White and shows that Mr. White missed the main points in Rev. Riddle’s Word Magazine 25. Mr. White made the mistake of raising up 1 Jn 5:7 and repeating the myth about Erasmus concerning this verse. Again demonstrating his poor historical scholarship.
Jeff Riddle’s Blog WM #26

Erasmus and the Comma Johanneum by H. J. De Jonge
Rev. Riddle then deals with Mr. White’s overblown claim that one cannot do apologetics if one holds to the traditional text. This is a laughable claim by Mr. White as it ignores all of the apologetic work done by the Reformers, Westminster Divines, Particular Baptists, Puritans, Missionaries, and such men as Dr. Joel Beeke, Rev. John Greer, the Trinitarian Bible Society, and many more.
Jeff Riddle’s Blog #27 Rejoinder: James White & 2 Peter 3:10

Text Note on 2 Peter 3:10
Confessing Baptist: Rejoinder, James White & 2 Peter 3:10
And from the Dividing Line dealing with the issue as well:

(Of particular interest at 49:32 and 1:07:42)
This part of the series inadvertently highlights Mr. White’s poor behavior when shown to be factually wrong. The Stylos post, Rev. Riddle’s blog, quotes Mr. White’s original post to Rev. Riddle, in which Mr. White accuses Rev. Riddle of misunderstanding the textual apparatus. Then it provides James Snapp Jr.’s response showing that it was in fact Mr. White who was wrong. And then has another follow up reply from James Snapp Jr. dealing with Mr. White’s screen flow response to Rev. Riddle and why Mr. White is still in error.
This edition of Word Magazine covers the life and legacy of Dr. Bruce M. Metzger
Jeff Riddle’s Blog Word Magazine # 28: The Life and Legacy of Bruce Manning Metzger

This is the last in this series of interactions with Mr. White and highlights more textual misunderstandings of Mr. White.  By this point you realize that Mr. White has a poor grasp of the historical and textual issues.
Word Magazine # 29: James White, Luke 23:34, the PA as a “Floating Tradition,” and Muslim Apologetics

Word Magazine episodes 40 and 41:

Word Magazine 49. Rev. Riddle deals with part of Mr. White’s latest erroneous claims against the Confessional Text position from Apologia Radio:

Word Magazine 50. Continuation of Dr. Riddle’s refutation of Mr. White

Word Magazine 51.  Continuation of Dr. Riddle’s refutation of Mr. White

Word Magazine 52.  Conclusion of Dr. Riddle’s refutation of Mr. White

Mr. White’s follow-up episode to the Apologia episode in which he engages in ad hominems against a fellow Christian.

Text Note: Luke 23:34