Rev. Riddle’s analysis and commentary on the longer ending of Mark and why it is Scripture.

Word Magazine (6.25.11): MacArthur and Mark’s Ending

The Fitting End to Mark’s Gospel
Word Magazine # 33: Recent Mark Fragment Papyrus Discovery

Mark in a mummy mask
Word Magazine # 35: Can we preach the Ending of Mark?

David Roach’s “How to preach the Gospel of Mark’s ‘long ending.’
WM # 36: The Ending of Mark, Cessationism, and Apologetics

This Word Magazine is broken into 3 parts:

  1. A review of the May 19, 2015 “Fighting for the Faith” Podcast
  2. A review of The Original Ending of Mark:  A New Case for the Authenticity of Mark 16:9-20 (Pickwick, 2014)
  3. An excerpt from a Muslim apologetic video which includes an excerpt from the 2006 debate between James White and Shabir Ally that points out why Muslims are glad that Christians are rejecting the longer ending of Mark.

WM #44 Hendriksen & the Ending of Mark

WM # 60: Review: A Sermon on Mark’s Ending. Part One: Preliminary Issues

WM # 61: Review: A Sermon on Mark’s Ending.Part Two: External Evidence

WM # 62: Review: A Sermon on Mark’s Ending. Pt 3: Internal Evidence

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