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Captain Deflector vs The Reformation

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JAMES WHITE’S LATEST LYING ESCAPADES The article in question: Mr. White’s foolish response: He mentions his written debate with Doug Wilson.  Everyone should listen to this Word Magazine:  WM # 80: Review: Douglas Wilson and James R. White Debate the Text of the NT min 42:20 …

The Arrogance of Scholars

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One of the most common and socially acceptable sins in Christendom is the bearing of false witness.  This sin usually takes the form of the logical fallacy known as the ad hominem.  And while it is common on social media for the average Christian to engage …

Our Daily Metzger – Asa or Asaph

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This is the first in a series that will cover some of the more outrageous and foolish claims by Dr. Bruce Metzger in his Textual Commentary.  The series will also show that Restorationist Textual Criticism’s underlying philosophy is at odds with Biblical Christianity.  And those …