Disputations on Holy Scripture

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Book Cover: Disputations on Holy Scripture
Part of the Garnet Milne's Has the Bible Been Kept Pure? series:

One of the premier issues that divides Protestants from Roman Catholics is the question of the place of Scripture. Protestants declare that the Scriptures alone are the rule of faith and practice, while Roman Catholics assert that it is Scripture and the traditions held by the Church that constitute the final word on a matter. This debate is not new. William Whitaker (1547-1595) championed the Protestant position in this book, first printed in 1588. He deals with the number of canonical books, the authority of Scripture, the perspicuity (clarity) of Scripture, the proper interpretation of Scripture, and the perfection of Scripture against unwritten traditions.

Reviews:Heritage Books on http://www.heritagebooks.org/products/disputations-on-holy-scripture.html wrote:

The Puritans were Christians guided by Scripture, not the dictates of man. When faced with a choice between submitting to man and obeying God, they chose to follow the will of Christ. Today, we regard these men as heroes for remaining true to their consciences held captive by the Word of God.

In Disputations on Holy Scripture, William Whitaker explains and defends the doctrine of sola Scriptura. Throughout his life, Whitaker vigorously defended his views. During one memorable debate, an observer noted that Whitaker “cut off the head of his antagonist with his own weapons.” Whitaker’s views on Scripture also provided the basis for the chapter of the Westminster Confession of Faith on “The Holy Scriptures.”