Below is the method to be used with links to resources for using ANKI. Both the Ranieri-Dowling method and the use of Spaced Repetition Software like ANKI are necessary to lock the language into long term memory.


This copied from the Ranieri-Downland Greek kit that you must buy. You could create it yourself, but why do the extra work?

Here are the stages I recommend:

Stage 1) Understand the general idea of the grammatical cases and tenses of Ancient Greek. (This is the same as the standard Dowling Method.)

Stage 2) Memorize all the regular and most important irregular grammatical paradigms of inflected nouns, adjectives, and verbs in the following manner:

a. Write out a given paradigm by hand while pronouncing the words aloud, so that you can look away from the page and recite the whole paradigm from memory (the paradigm is now in short-term memory); then:

b. Repeat the paradigm aloud to yourself, marking each correct repetition on a scorecard to keep track, at least 100 times.

c. Utilize the attached audio recordings to teach and prompt you to recall the inflected forms.

Stage 3) Utilize a graduated reader such as the Athenaze series, but while reading, listen to each chapter with the audio recordings I made at this playlist on YouTube, which emphasize historically accurate pronunciation, particularly long/short vowel contrasts and syllable quantity and pitch accent; being able to recite Ancient Greek in this manner is a necessary skill to appreciate poetic meter and ancient song, as well as prose rhythm. (At the time of this writing, these videos are not yet complete for the entire book; but please subscribe to the channel and be on the look out for new videos in the series!) You should also use the Alexander Arguelles “Shadowing” technique:

a. Listen to a chapter (or indeed the entire book!) while “Blind Shadowing” the audio: repeating every word you hear as you hear it without pausing the recording, mimicking intonation and pronunciation as precisely as you can.

b. Then later, shadow the text as you hear and read it at the same time in my YouTube videos — read aloud along with me at my pace without pausing the recording.

Stage 4) Transcribe each chapter of Athenaze as you work through it, whether by hand or by typing. While transcribing, the auditory and spoken component is essential:

a. As you listen to my recording of a given chapter, hold as long a phrase as you can in your short-term memory; then pause the audio playback; say that phrase aloud to confirm you remember it; finally, write that phrase down. You may write by hand or by typing.

b. Accomplish the exercises that accompany each chapter.

And this is what I call the Ranieri-Dowling Method. It could be employed in part or in toto, and it may work for some people and not for others. I personally vouch for its effectiveness, and I hope you can soon boast the same.

For use of the ANKI decks, how to build them, which blank set you should use, etc., go to this link and this link and follow the links on this page. There is an entire tutorial on using ANKI.

Using both methods together for each language will allow quicker mastery.

The following link should be consulted when reading Athenaze I & II: