No one can deny that we live in the midst of a propaganda war. Publishing houses aggressively promote their Bible translations to persuade the Christian reader that a given version is best. Amidst the competing claims, few stop to ask whether something is seriously wrong here.

The message bombarding us continually is that modern Bible versions are a good thing, and that the authorised Version is outdated and outmoded. “Which Bible translation is the most reliable today?” is not a question Christians tend to ask today. after all surely it is all the same whether we stick to the Authorised Version, or use its updated cousin the New King James Version, or a more modern one like the New International Version. Or, be right up to date and go over to the English Standard Version. In this book, Alan Macgregor argues that we must look again at this question.

Far from providing increased access to God’s Word, the three Bible versions mentioned above represent a departure from fundamental principles to do with the Bible itself. Why is this? Why does it matter? Why should we keep the Authorised Version? Reading this book will give you straightforward and convincing answers.

(J.P. Thackaway)