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Among all his creatures in heaven or earth God hath not made any like unto the sun in the firmament, the beams whereof are beautiful and pleasant, and do give 2 comfort in all places to all things. It rejoiceth the whole, and relieveth the sick : it causeth birds to sing, fishes to play, cattle to stir, worms to creep, grass to grow, and trees to bring fruit : it reneweth the face of the whole earth. Yet a blind man hath no pleasure in the beauty thereof, because he is blind, and cannot see it : yet a dead man hath no warmth by the heat thereof, because he is dead, and feeleth it not. Adam was placed in paradise, in perfect estate, and in the company of God's angels. God walked and did talk with him. He heard the voice and beheld the presence of God. The rivers yielded waters abundantly : the trees brought him food of life. He had plenty without travail ; he had pleasures, joy, and his heart's desire. But Adam was unthankful, he knew not God the worker of his happiness, he knew not the place in which he was, he knew not his own estate3 and blessedness ; there fore the wrath of the Lord grew against him : he fell into the snares of the devil, he became mortal, and returned to dust.