The Plain Man’s Senses Exercised

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Divine Truth in English, is as truly the Word of God, as the same Scriptures delivered in the Originall Hebrew and Greek; yet with this difference, that the same is perfectly, immediately, and most absolutely in the Originall Hebrew and Greek, in other Translations, as the vessels wherein it is presented to us, and as far forth as they do agree with the Originalls. And every Translation agreeing with the Originall in the matter, is the same Canonicall Scripture that Hebrew or Greek is.

Lyford, The Plain Man’s Senses Exercised. p.49


An individual may know that the English translation is of God by three ways–by the ministry; by the light of God shining in the translation; and by the testimony and approbation of the guides of the church. Nonetheless a man does not acknowledge that the English Bible is the Word of God on the authority of the guide, but because the guide shows him the reasons, which he then sees and understands.

Lyford, The Plain Man’s Senses Exercised. p.50-52


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