The Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels

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Reviews:D.A. Waite wrote:

By reading this book, The Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels, you will have powerful evidence to refute the false notion that the traditional received text was not present until after the fifth or sixth centuries. You will see that the traditional received text was from the beginning. It was from the very New Testament autographs and was copied and re-copied by hand accurately from the beginning until the invention of printing when it was made permanent.

This present book is another of Dean John William Burgon's masterpieces. It is loaded, as are all of his books, with overwhelming evidence from manuscripts, lectionaries, ancient versions, and church fathers. Dean Burgon does three things in this volume: (1) He outlines his seven tests of Scriptural truth; (2) He proves the superiority of the traditional received text; and (3) He shows the inferiority of Westcott and Hort's favorite manuscripts-Vatican and Sinai, that is, B and Aleph. His arguments are powerful and convincing!

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