The Last Twelve Verses of Mark

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Reviews:D.A. Waite wrote:

Dean John William Burgon has amassed overwhelming evidence from manuscripts, lectionaries, ancient versions, and church fathers proving the genuineness of the last twelve verses of Mark!

In the 350 pages of this book, Dean Burgon has proved that Mark 16:9-20 (the last twelve verses of Mark), is a genuine part of Mark's Gospel about which we should have no doubts whatsoever! A thorough grasp of Burgon's methodology of textual criticism such as is exhibited in these pages will convince the honest reader to reject the false conclusions regarding these twelve verses.

If indeed, as Dean Burgon shows clearly, "B" (Vaticanus) and "Aleph" (Sinaiticus) are in serious error here, they can not be trusted elsewhere either! The manuscripts, the lectionaries, the ancient versions, and the quotations from the church fathers all unite to show that Mark 16:9-20 was in Mark's Gospel from the very beginning!

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