Argument Analysis Introduction

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This begins a series based in part off of Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen’s series entitled Practical Apologetics. This series provides perhaps the best model for taking any argument and evaluating it Biblically. Above you can see that there are four main categories.

  1. Arbitrariness
  2. Inconsistencies
  3. Consequences of an Argument
  4. Preconditions of Intelligibility

As I go through this series I will show how easy it is to refute any RTC advocate using this method. First up will be arbitrariness. The vast majority of RTC claims can be dealt with using just this branch. For instance, why is the oldest manuscript best? We will look at the assumptions and see if they escape arbitrariness. When we get to inconsistencies and logical fallacies, we will cover each fallacy and provide examples in the arguments presented against the confessional view that are fallacious. Consequences and Preconditions are more for nailing the coffin shut on the tomb of RTC.

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