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In this latest episode of The Adventures of Captain Deflector, we cover his recent mewling about, believe it or not, me.  So what happened to trigger his thin skin this time?  Apparently he didn’t like an article (which he never mentions) that I wrote.  After claiming to have refuted me multiple times on FB over the years, falsely claiming I’m championing for Erasmus, he then goes own to lump those of us who hold to the Confessional Text Position with the likes of Steven Anderson.  Another excellent example of bearing false witness through the poisoning the well fallacy.  He really can’t help himself.  Below are the things here at the site about his deliberate misrepresentation of the facts of history and his willingness, if not eagerness, to bear false witness against Christians who dare to differ with him on the textual issue.  I will also cover the so-called multi-year interactions on FB in which he claims to have refuted me.

A list of all the posts on the site that are either about Captain Deflector or mention some error of his.

Articles dealing with Mr. White either directly or tangentially

This page contains a refutation of the tired, old, oft-refuted historical and textual claims of Mr. White with links to posts, audios, etc, showing where and why he is wrong:  The Textual Lies, Myth, & Half-Truths of James White

Apart from an article on his errors on a DL last December (Link Below), I’ve only had a tangential interaction with him on Pastor Truelove’s personal FB page earlier this year (here & here) when Mr. White attempted to insert himself into the upcoming Text & Canon conference by challenging Pastors Truelove & Riddle to a debate.  It should be noted that he had previously turned down a debate with Pastor Jeffrey Riddle because he claimed the venue was to small.  The debate was to be held in Roanoke, VA.  And while it is only 1/5th the size of Atlanta, GA, it is doubtful there would be much greater numbers at the FIRST conference on Text & Canon than at the debate.  (LINK:  James White, Inconsistency, & Lying)

Below are the two previous FB interactions that I can recall.  As you can see he never refuted anything.  He just engaged in ad hominems, snide remarks, doubling down on factually inaccurate information, and bluster.  Which shouldn’t be a surprise as that is all he has to offer.  The first occurred in the Pub in 2016.  This was the time period when Mr. White bore false witness against Pastor Robert Truelove and refused to repent.  The second is from October time frame of 2015.  He attempted to defend Restorationist Textual Criticism by an appeal to science, not understanding the difference between historical interpretation of facts and observational sciences.  After this he claimed that appealing to Scripture as our final authority for interpreting history is circular reasoning.  He then attempted to claim the Longer Ending of Mark didn’t belong because of the papyri.  A laughable claim at best, but one that highlights Mr. White’s tendency to take a fact (there are some papyri dealing with Mark) and exaggerate it into a lie to prove his point (but none cover Mark 16).

The issue at the heart of the textual debate:  final authority.  Those of us who hold to the Confessional Text Position differ philosophically with those who don’t.  This is what Mr. White never wants to deal with.  I find it humorous that he claims to have refuted me when he refuses to deal with the essential difference of our position:  final authority.

To put it simply these are the two differing philosophies:

Biblical:  We interpret history through the lens of Scripture

Atheistic:  We interpret Scripture through the lens of history based upon autonomous human reasoning

This is why there is no philosophical difference between evolution and textual criticism.  Mr. White and those who reject the Confessional Text Position need to repent of being textual atheists.

The photos below are the only other interactions I recall besides the ones I have mentioned above.