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Scripture is,

  1. Infallible (Scriptura est autopiston kai axiopiston) which expresseth the minde and will of God, to whom truth is essential and necessary.
  2. Supreme and Independent into which all faith is resolved, from which it is not lawful to appeal. By which singular authority the Scripture is distinguished, both from all prophane and Sacred writings, and Paul ho­nours it with this Elogie, a faithfull saying and worthy of all ac­ceptation, 1 Tim. 1:15 a more sure word, 2 Peter 1:19 the Comparative for the Superlative, in which there is no doubting and uncertainty, but all things firme.
  3. As God is Jehovah of himself, so is his word authoritative of itself, and is true and to be obeyed, , whether thou think it Scripture or no. There is no higher authority for thee to ap­peale to, it is above opinions of men, conscience, and there­fore it must determine all controversies.

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