Can You Trust Modern Translations?

There is controversy among Christians about which Bible is the correct translation. One group claims that the King James Version is the only Bible that Christians should be using. Appealing with both emotional fervor and scholastic debate, churches have divided over this issue, and believers are left in confusion.
(Poorly researched book.



Reviews:Christopher Thomas wrote:

This is a poorly written and argued book rife with logical fallacies and historical inaccuracies right from the beginning. Starting on page 13, Mr. White immediately engages in a poisoning the well fallacy which continues on unto page 28. On pgs 24 and 25, Mr. White lumps everyone from the Reformers, Puritans, Westminster Divines, John Owen, John Gill, Joel Beeke, Jeff Riddle, Iain Paisley, the Free Presbyterian Church, and many more underneath the same pejorative King James Onlyist. A term he also uses to describe such people as Dr. Peter Ruckman & Gail Riplinger.