Being Proud of Your Heresy

In Restorationist Textual Criticism by Chris Thomas1 Comment

When it comes to the foundation of Christianity, the Bible, humor seems to be out of place.  But occasionally the enemies of God’s word provide us with a good laugh by telling the truth about their ungodly intentions.

Not only is this page from NA27 confirming that it is produced in agreement with the Vatican and that the Vatican has supervising authority when it comes to changes to the text, but that the Greek critical text should not be considered as definitive.  That’s a damning indictment against the critical text.  For if it is not definitive, then it has no authority as God’s word.  Even worse is the role that the Vatican has in determining what is and is not God’s word.  For any Christian to use a Greek text produced by antichrist would have been unheard of during the Reformation.  That should cause any Christian who claims to be Reformed a serious pause.  The fact that so many Reformed people today promote a changing text produced under the supervising authority of antichrist shows how far we have fallen from the days of Reformation.

A clearer picture is below:


  1. This topic is simply not discussed enough. I had no idea the Vatican had authority to make changes to this text. It’s really shocking actually and completely undermines the NA editions.

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