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Welcome to the site for Confessional Bibliology.

The purpose of this site is to provide resources, discussions, and analysis on the Confessional view of Scripture as found in the Reformed Confessions.  Here is a break down of the Menu Tabs:

The Library:

  1. Preservationist Textual Criticism
  2. Restorationist Textual Criticism

The Textual Issues:

  1. Pericope Adulterae – Links and discussions on the authenticity of the Pericope
  2. Longer Ending – Links and discussions on the longer ending of Mark’s Gospel
  3. The Comma – Links and discussions on the Comma Johanneum
  4. God vs He – Links and discussions on 1 Tim 3:16
  5. The Gospels and Acts disputed passages
  6. The Pauline Epistle disputed passages
  7. The General Epistle disputed passages
  8. Revelation disputed passages

The Resources:

  1. Counter-Reformation Arguments
  2. History of Restorationist Text Criticism
  3. Rev. Jeff Riddle Textual Criticism Resources
  4. Preservationist Textual Criticism Resources

Definitions Page:  to include definitions of textual criticism terms, Reformed definitions, etc.
Book Reviews:  provides book reviews on both the Pro-Confessional view and the Anti-Confessional view.
FAQs if we get any
And at some time, I hope to add a forum.

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