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It’s been a while since I posted due to life, updating the site theme, adding more resources, finding more resources and so on.  That is changing.  At most, there may be one or two new posts per week. Here are some of the upcoming posts:

  1. Restorationist Textual Criticism – an overview of what it is, where it originated, its method and philosophies
  2. Apologetic Insufficiency of the Restorationist Textual Criticism – in rejecting the Confessional Text View of Scripture, evangelicals such as James White have rejected Scripture as their final authority and replaced it with men.  If such men were consistent with their views, it would make apologetics impossible
  3. Identifying the Authentic Texts – What are the authentic texts of 1.8
  4. Preservationist or Sacred Textual Criticism – an overview, its method and philosophy, and how it differs from RTC in its final authority
  5. Various posts on the textual issues and how the Reformers, et al dealt with them



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