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The Philosophical Failure of RTC

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Or Why RTC Advocates Love Trivialities One of the common tactics of Restorationist Textual Criticism (RTC) Advocates when trying to refute the Confessional View of Scripture (CVS) is to bring up the extant manuscript evidence.  This type of “refutation” is meant to turn the focus …

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Inerrancy of Scripture: A Consideration of Historical, Evangelical, and Current Trends in the Understanding of Inerrancy

In Inspiration, Organic Inspiration by Alan StewartLeave a Comment

Introduction The thesis of this paper is to offer consideration that the premodern understanding of inerrancy against that of the modernist understanding of inerrancy and its corollaries of inspiration, infallibility, and preservation is a better position, theologically, and philosophically. There is a need to revisit …

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Matthew 1:18 & the created god

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Was Christ a Created God? It depends upon which Greek text you use. Matthew 1:18 του δε ιησου χριστου η γεννησις ουτως ην μνηστευθεισης γαρ της μητρος αυτου μαριας τω ιωσηφ πριν η συνελθειν αυτους ευρεθη εν γαστρι εχουσα εκ πνευματος αγιου (TR) Matthew 1:18 …

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Luke 23:34

In Doctrinal Differences in Scripture, Luke, The Gospels by Chris Thomas1 Comment

Luke 23:34 This post will provide the resources showing that it is the word of God. From Dr. Bruce Metzger’s Text Commentary: Luke 23:34 omit verse 34a [[ὁ δὲ Ἰησοῦς ἔλεγεν, Πάτερ, ἄφες αὐτοῖς, οὐ γὰρ οἴδασιν τί ποιοῦσιν.]] {A} The absence of these words …

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Captain Deflector vs The Reformation

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James White’s latest lying escapades The article in question: Mr. White’s foolish response: He mentions his written debate with Doug Wilson.  Everyone should listen to this Word Magazine:  WM # 80: Review: Douglas Wilson and James R. White Debate the Text of the NT …