On this page we will highlight the history of James White’s lies and bearing of false witness over the last 25+ years. This page will be filled out over the next few weeks.

Theodore Letis

James R. White falsely accused the late Dr. Letis of the following three things:

  1. being an anti-Trinitarian heretic
  2. being a theonomist
  3. being no friend to Baptists

Mr. White was called upon to repent for these things by Reformed Baptist Pastor Jeff Pollard. James White did not repent. You can read about the interaction between Mr. White & Rev. Pollard here: James White’s public defamation of Theodore Letis. Furthermore, on Mr. White’s website, he has published his interaction with Dr. Letis, but without the crucial part above. And he did so without the permission of Dr. Letis, who had considered the interaction a private interaction.

White’s Questionable Doctorate

Mr. White for years has been claiming that he has earned a doctorate. This is a lie. He bought a doctorate from the degree mill Columbia Evangelical Seminary. His “doctoral dissertation” was the book The Forgotten Trinity. This book comes nowhere close to the standard of writing that those earning doctorates from accredited schools must exhibit. In other words, Mr. White could not have earned a doctorate at a real school. So when he uses the title “Dr.”, he is lying. Even worse is that his book teaches the social trinity view. This is more in line with Barth’s view and does not reflect the historic, Reformed understanding of the Trinity. Below are some links dealing with his fake doctorate. It should be noted, that it took Mormons to expose this problem as too many Reformed people who know better are willing to play along with Mr. White’s lies:

  1. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=3857911
  2. James White’s phony degree
  3. Columbia Evangelical Seminary: The Photographic Tour
  4. James White’s ThD
  5. The Christian “Dr.” Hoax
  6. List of fake degree holders. James White is mentioned in the comments; John MacArthur is on the list

James White’s false teaching claims

Peter Lumpkins, a constant thorn in the side of James White for exposing Mr. White’s lying, covers the false teaching claims of Mr. White here: https://peterlumpkins.typepad.com/peter_lumpkins/2011/03/doktor-james-white-on-fudging-his-teaching-assignments-by-peter-lumpkins.html

Labeling anyone who uses the KJV or affirms the Confessional View of Scripture as a Ruckmanite

Since his poorly written book the King James Version Only Controversy, Mr. White has been conflating Ruckmanites with people who use the KJV in their daily readings, with men like Dr. Joel Beeke, & Dr. Jeffrey Riddle, and with the Reformers by lumping everyone under the term King James Version Onlyist. This is bearing false witness. What he has done is to take contradictory definitions and lump them under the same term. A term which is used as a pejorative and in the minds of those who hear it, only conjures up images of the worst sort such as Ruckmanites. I had considered holding back the following arguments. But they forcefully demonstrate that Mr. White is lying about his fellow Christians. I will now use Mr. White’s reasoning to prove two things: 1) non-rapists are rapists; 2) non-pedophiles are pedophiles.

  1. While the normal definition of rapist would be one who forces sex upon another without consent, I am going to include under the term rapist all consensual sex. Consensual and non-consensual sex are logically contradictory. The term rapist now refers to one who engages in either consensual or non-consensual sex. Therefore, anyone engaging in either consensual or non-consensual sex is now a rapist. Now one may have a fit over this. But we have followed Mr. White’s own method of putting logically contradictory terms under a pejorative. So when the term rapist is used it must contain both definitions.
  2. The normal definition of a pedophile is someone who has sexual relations or contact with a child. But we will now add two definitions that contradict that definition. Definition a: a pedophile can also be anyone who loves children such as a grandparent or uncle. Definition b: a parent is a pedophile because they love their child. Again, we have followed Mr. White’s own method of putting logically contradictory definitions under the same term.

Of course, the purpose of Mr. White doing this with the term KJVO is to poison the well of discourse and force those who aren’t Ruckmanites to prove they are not Ruckmanites. In Mr. White’s mind, you are guilty until proven innocent. This is contrary to the way things are to be done. Mr. White must prove that the person he calls a KJVO is a Ruckmanite, otherwise he is bearing false witness. If he doesn’t like that, then he should have no problems with the above redefined words being used against him. Otherwise, he is an hypocrite.

First interaction with Mr. White in the Reformed Pub (October 2015)

Rejects Scripture as final authority in all reasoning and claims the papyri change refute Burgon’s book on Mark 16 but the papyri dont cover Mark 16. Read here: https://confessionalbibliology.com/2019/05/04/captain-deflector-hits-a-truth-wall/

Mr. White’s lying about Dr. Jeffrey Riddle

False accusations towards Dr. Riddle over the 2 Peter 3:10. Mr. White proven wrong by James Snapp Jr. Mr. White does not acknowledge his error nor apologize to Dr. Riddle. Read here: https://confessionalbibliology.com/the-resources/jeff-riddle-textual-criticism-resources/jeff-riddle-james-white/

Second interaction with Mr. White in the Reformed Pub (March – April 2016)

Mr. White enters the pub for a second time and takes to repeatedly insulting people in the group and on his podcast. Calling some bearded, basement dwelling, Turretin readers.

You can read them here:




You can listen to Mr. White bear false witness on his podcast during March & April 2016 here: https://www.sermonaudio.com/search.asp?seriesOnly=true&currSection=sermonstopic&sourceid=aominorg&keyword=The+Dividing+Line+2016&keyworddesc=The+Dividing+Line+2016

Mr. White’s attempts to go after me ending in him proven wrong every time

Claims to have refuted me many times over the years. First interaction was October 2015. After that, I have only interacted with him a few times on Robert Truelove’s page. Claims to have refuted a post I made about Mr. White’s statement that we shouldn’t base doctrine upon contested verses. Logical consequence from 2 Tim 3:16,17 is that contested verses are no Scripture. Mr. White incapable of drawing logical consequences. Mr. White accuses me of lying and being nasty because I rightly pointed out Steven Anderson, unlike Mr. White, holds to chapter 1 of the confession. Mr. White has stated before that if the Confessional View of Scripture is the correct view then he rejects it. Our view is what the Reformers taught and then codified in their confessions. Therefore it is correct to say Mr. Anderson is more confessional than Mr. White regarding chapter 1. Furthermore, Mr. White cannot hold to Sola Scriptura, regardless of his claims, because he affirms the view of Scripture first codified by Richard Simon, the counter-reformationist. Simon’s view constructed for one purpose: to destroy the doctrine of Sola Scriptura. Furthermore, in rejecting the reformed doctrine of Providential Preservation in favor of his atheistic view, he rejects everything else the confession teaches about Scripture.

Read here: https://confessionalbibliology.com/2017/12/20/james-white-inconsistency-lying/

Falsely claims we cannot do apologetics nor witness to Muslims

Reformed Baptist Pastor Pooyan Mehrshahi uses the TR and witnesses to muslims


Mr. White’s arrogant and rude behavior during the debates with Dr. Jeffrey Riddle

Behaves in a childish and unchristian manner towards Dr. Riddle.



And here:


And here:



Mr. White bears false witness against Pastor Robert Truelove

Falsely accuses Robert Truelove of attacking his daughter in the pub. Robert had no idea who she was, nor did he attack her. White’s own daughter admits she wasn’t attacked. Robert starts thread to repudiate White and cowardly pub admin team remove it but leave up White’s bearing of false witness

Mr. White lies about the debate challenge at the Text & Canon conference

Tries to get himself invited to the Text and Canon conference and claims Dr. Riddle is refusing to debate him. Dr. Riddle has repeatedly stated he will debate him, but not at the conference and had a debate challenge offered to Mr. White before conference announcement

Picks fights with people who rightly pointed out during his debates with Dr. Riddle, that White argues like an atheist