Literary Forgeries by J. A. Farrer

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Book Cover: Literary Forgeries by J. A. Farrer
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The following chapters are an excursion into those shadier paths of literature where the forger or imitator has for his own ends played on the innocent credulity of mankind. Forbidden paths they may be to the straighter sect of the lovers of literature ; but, having found some delectation in them myself, I have relied on the similar mental constitution of most men for the hope and belief that they may have attractions also for others. The endeavour has been to present a comprehensive or bird's-eye view of literary forgery, and to convey some idea of the large place it occupies in the intellectual history of our race, and of the considerable influence it has had on the destinies and fortunes of the world. To this end both selection and condensation have been necessary.


  1. Every Seminary student should be aware of Literary Forgeries by J. A. Farrer and read the chapters about the Codex Sinaiticus, before adjusting his Faith.

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