James White, Inconsistency, & Lying

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James White, Inconsistency, & Lying ##UPDATE#3 (29SEP2019):  On the Dividing Line from 24 Sep 2019, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YA9aoDtJx08)  Mr. White attempted to deal with this post and failed multiple ways.  First, he equivocated between disputed texts and words only used once in Scripture.  But it is no … Read More

Are You a KJVO?

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From time to time as one who holds to the Confessional (Biblical) Textual View you will be asked, Are You a KJVO?  The very asking of this question when we are arguing not about a translation, but about which Greek & Hebrew texts the Scripture … Read More

Providentially Preserved?

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Within Christendom there are two opposing views concerning the intent of the phrase by His [God’s] singular care and providence, [the Scriptures are] kept pure in all ages.  Does it refer to a generic preservation that doesn’t guarantee textual purity throughout the historic life of God’s … Read More