Consistent with the Confessional View of Scripture

From time to time in the various Facebook groups, people will ask for Commentaries and other resources that offer commentary upon Scripture from the Confessional View of Scripture.  This page will include links to all of those.  Check back as more are added.

The Dutch Annotations of Scripture:

  1. Genesis to 2 Samuel 3
  2. 2 Samuel 3 to 2 Chronicles 31
  3. 2 Chronicles 31 to Psalm 89
  4. Psalm 89 to Proverbs 31
  5. Proverbs 31 to Isaiah 3
  6. Isaiah Chapters 3-30
  7. Isaiah 30 to Malachi 1
  8. Malachi 1 to Revelation

Diodati’s Pious Annotations on the Holy Bible

The Westminster Annotations & Commentary on the Holy Bible by some of the Westminster Divines & other Puritans:  Genesis to Revelation

John Calvin’s Commentary

John Gill’s Commentary:

Matthew Henry’s Commentary

Matthew Poole’s Commentary