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Welcome To Confessional Bibliology

The purpose of The Society for Confessional Bibliology is to promote the view of Scripture set forth in the historic Reformed Confessions and specifically in Chapter 1 of the WCF/2LBCF. This is done through providing resources, blog posts, links to audios, etc.  The site also has a library in which many of the older books can be found for free.

Over the past 200 yrs this view has been abandoned in favor of the modern view originating during the counter-reformation with the Roman Catholic priest, Richard Simon. The Reformers identified the texts that they considered authentic and the final judge in all controversies in their writings. (WCF/2LBCF 1.8)

Many myths have sprung up about Erasmus, the nature of the authentic Greek text which is called the Textus Receptus, the Authorized Version translators, etc. Here you will find resources demonstrating why such claims are without merit.

Meet Our Team

Trent Still
Trent StillAdministrator
Confessional Presbyterian attending Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Chris Thomas
Chris ThomasAdministrator
I hold to the historic Confessional view of Scripture as found in Chapter 1 of the WCF/2LBCF. I reject Restorationist Textual Criticism and affirm Preservationist Textual Criticism
William Sandell
William SandellAdministrator
I am a graduate of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and hold to the providential preservation of Scripture as found in Chapter 1 of the WCF.
A.J. MacDonald Jr
A.J. MacDonald JrAdministrator
I’m a former soldier, warehouse worker/manager, delivery driver, construction laborer, and professional tractor-trailer driver (25+ years off-and-on). I first became a Bible believing Christian in El Paso, Texas in 1985. At present (2017) I’m 57 years old, retired, and enjoy hiking and mountain biking in the mountains of south central Pennsylvania.