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Lie Loudly

I’m only writing this post because of some comments made in the Confessional Bibliology Facebook group about Mr. White’s latest rant against those of us who hold to the Biblical view about how we evaluate Greek manuscripts and their variants.  It’s your typical bad reasoning from Mr. White with an extra helping of bearing false witness to the point of implying Pastor DeSoto is a false teacher.  Utterly wicked behavior on the part of Mr. White.  It starts around minute 31 in his Dividing Line podcast.  I’ve included the original post from TGC, DeSoto’s response, and Mr. White’s diatribe.

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min 33:34 – Implies that TR people are trying to draw disciples after them.  This is more of White attempting to make anyone who disagrees with him on this issue into an heretic.  The verse that he’s referencing with his comment is Acts 20:30 “Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.”  Mr. White is accusing Pastor DeSoto, and those of us who hold to the Biblical view concerning the textual issue, of being false teachers and schismatics.  This comes as no surprise as he has in the past accused another pastor of being “Alexander the Coppersmith” because the man disagreed with Mr. White.  So again, we have Mr. White behaving wickedly and bearing false witness.  Same old, same old.

min 35:07 – engages in nitpicking Pastor DeSoto’s post about why Dr. Ehrman left the faith.  He comes back to it below and says it was in part responsible for why Dr. Ehrman abandoned Christianity.  This is very similar to Mr. White’s behavior a few years ago towards Dr. Jeffrey Riddle on 2 Peter 3:10 and the Greek word “ouk”(Word Magazines 25 to 29).  Mr. White could not admit that someone else was correct and that he was wrong.  At least here, he is consistent.

min 38:53 – continues to equate what the Reformers and even Erasmus did with the counter-reformationists from the Enlightenment unto today.  You can read how he is wrong at section 42:28 here:  The Textual Lies, Myth, & Half-Truths of James White

min 39:25 – still doesn’t understand that we are not rationalists like he is; we begin our reasoning process about the Greek mss & their variants as the Reformers did:  with Scripture.

min 40:10 – Claims it is not possible for us to use our methodology consistently in making textual decisions.  This is because 1) he doesn’t understand that we are not rationalists as he is; 2) he is ignorant of history because the Reformers used this methodology in their work on the Greek New Testament.

min 42:30 – finally admits that the textual issue is part of why Ehrman abandoned Christianity

min 43:22 – says, any GNT is the product of humans engaging in textual critical study.  No one denies this.  The issue has always been the same:  By what objective and universal standard do we evaluate Greek mss & their variants.  The Reformers and those of us holding to the Confesional View of Scripture believe that standard is Scripture.  Mr. White and his ilk believe it is human reasoning freed from Biblical constraints.  His textual view is practical atheism.  He and all advocates of RTC need to repent.

min 43:40 – continues to deny that Pastor DeSoto is correct about Dr. Ehrman.

min 45:10 – mentions Erasmus, Stephanus, & Beza.  Calls Stephanus’ work a “small collation of manuscripts”.  This is silly for a few reasons.  His unargued bias is that more manuscripts means greater accuracy.  Without the autographs there is no way to prove this.  And if the mss used by Stephanus accurately reflected the autographic text enough to where collating revealed the autographic throughout, the primary view of the Reformers, then that small number of mss is all that is needed.  Having 5800+ Greek mss and fragments does not equal having a more accurate collation.  Especially since Aleph & B are the primary foundation of the Critical Text and since RTC advocates wish to consider textual variants long ago abandoned by God’s people as corruptions under the guidance of the Holy Ghost.  Rejecting the witness of the Holy Ghost among God’s people throughout the history of the church is wickedness.

min 45:39 – calls our position the end of apologetics.  Except that before and since the advent of the counter-reformational view of Scripture, Christians have effectively used and continue to use the confessional texts in defending the faith.  Furthermore, unlike his position, ours shows the futility of beginning with human wisdom and how all reasoning must first begin with Scripture in order for anything to make sense.  Mr. White in abandoning Scripture for unaided human reasoning has conceded the argument to the unbeliever.  That is sinful.

min 46:25 – Claims we can’t defend our position and uses the TRO term in an attempt to link us to Ruckmanites.  So he ignores the fact that the Reformers ably defended their position, which is ours, ignores the works of Preuss & Milne, and bears false witness by implying we’re like Ruckmanites.

min 47:34 – implies he’s read Erasmus & Beza.  He hasnt, but has instead read Krans’ work.  And Krans’ repeats the Erasmian myths which discredits Krans’ work.

min 48:54 – This is a real gem.  He states, “Come on guys, let’s at least be honest with history.”  This is laughable as Mr. White has yet to be honest with the history on this issue.  He has made his career in this field by lying and bearing false witness.   The Textual Lies, Myth, & Half-Truths of James White

min 50:00 – yet again claims the TR was a default and not a chosen text.  Come on James!  Let’s at least be honest with history!  The TR was a default Greek text

I stopped listening at around min 51:12 because it was just the same nonsense repeated.  Nonsense already refuted here:  The Textual Lies, Myth, & Half-Truths of James White

In conclusion, we can expect Mr. White to continue to lie about the historical evidence and bear false witness against us.  He has invested decades in doing so and there is little chance of him stopping unless God grants him repentance over his wicked behavior.  And that should be our prayer for him.  It is also obvious from his behavior that he is realizing he has lost control over the narrative and that more and more Christians are abandoning the heresy of Restorationist Textual Criticism in favor of the Confessional View of Scripture.  We should pray for more to abandon the heresy of RTC and praise God for magnifying the truth of Providential Preservation in this age.


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