Francis Turretin and the Comma Johanneum

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Francis Turretin

& the Comma Johanneum

One of the claims going around the internet about Francis Turretin is that he would not have defended 1 John 5:7, commonly called the Comma Johanneum.  Below is a loose Google translation of the Disputatio Theological of Francis Turretin on the CJ made readable by William Sandell.  It is a regrettable oversite that this portion, part of his 4th volume, was not translated.

Of the three witnesses by them.
From 1 Job. V. 7.

Denedicto response Pictetia Genevensi.
Since hcec the Catholic faith, as Athanasius, as one God in Trinity, and Trinity in unity and August this secret account is inaccessible, and many heretics old and more recent blasphemy assailed the main Christian religion constitutes the foundation; Loving his mind, in particular, should try to tell the truth more and more convinced of the word propoista; and if he can not succeed unless τὸ πᾶς, that His creatures hath denied, neither is, however, firmly and resolutely, to take hold of τὸ ὅτι.

2. Since in terms of all the things that they teach this, the mystery of the oracles of Scripture, no one is more lucid than he is, and illustrious celbri of John, the place, where all the three are witnesses this day the heavenly beings and in witness to the assertion quoted, whom on that account, the orthodox always as the outstanding heretics, made head against him, and in whose were not twisted even our 5 all of his own industry and the culture of the keenness and present them to to force its way whatsoever eluding not true, unacceptable and dangerous thing we are foreseen to arbitrate, if there were more accurately Academic conflict with this sense it would examine the truth of the sacred and that the secret to embrue impure heretics devices vidicemus.

3. John’s words are 1ae Ep. Div. v. Spring τρεις γαρ εἰσὶν οἵ μαρτυροῦντες ἐν οὐρανῷ, ὁ Πατήρ, ὁ λόγος, καὶ τὸ Πνεῦμα ἅγιον, καὶ οἱ τρεῖς ἕν εἰσι. “There are three that bear witness in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit and these three are one.” The purpose is to confirm the Apostles Gospel faith in the divinity of Christ, and his office mediatorio. Head of the fruit from which the beneficial effect they had found what they are 1. spiritual regeneration, and to God and neighbor, spring. 1: “Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God and everyone who loves the parent loves the child, even to him. 2. Divine commands observation spring. 2, 3. 3. Victory of the world, spring. 4, 5, “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world, and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world, but he believes Jesus is God’s Son? “I was very much interarat will certainly confirmed in our minds, shows that faith basis to light multilici evidence that God has perhiberi wanted both in heaven and on earth; the indomitable must convince us that Christ the Lord are true and the eternally begotten Son of the Father, our Redeemer. But this is the testimony of he deals with, considering him to be first in the class, as the spring. 6, seals on our hearts, and whey, that. The doctrine of the Gospel concerning Christ and his benefits which have come in the name of the Holy Spirit came, 2 The heart of the. III. 6, it is true; spring. 7, then the earthly spring.

4. Because, however, of our Adversary, that he might more easily from the proof, the proof of which is on this side, We tie to the Trinity, expcdiant, it is usual to cast a stumbling, a place to be supposititious, and it was an adulterous, who are those of our order is to be inserted is, than John the perscriptus, however, by no means; Hence Socinus Common. h. l. This clearly indicates that the “spurious and that the people who own dogma about one and triune God in any way they wanted to defend and propagate in this place IMIENTO:” The Eniedinus sing along with the investigation of the places smalz the Schopperum Trin. Volkelius. and others. The canonical authority of the oracle that is the first to be maintained; Nor is it established in the ‘s text To the Syrian, Arabic, black as an Ethiopian, and show the various Fathers, Augustine, Hilary, Chrysostom, Cyril, Gregory of Nazianzus, since it was able to be made use of against the Arians and the greatest of them, they do not remember. But there are many things that αὐθεντίαν local effort.

V. First, Faith approved the oldest exemplars are here to serve openly. By Jerome, who was a man of universal learning from the testimony of Augustine, and the master of three languages ​​was highly skilled, who are the ecclesiastical writings, and all the others before it and read it to him, in his prologue to again in a letter. Cano. To Paula, reports, books and all the Greeks have had this time around, and this unity of the Trinity and lastly, interpreters, gave up complaining. Erasmus confesses that he thought to be extant in the Code is a very ancient British, the authority of one who has such influence with him in was, in order that the first verse of this letter in the Volume of its execution, and in the second most accurate of concern, as he himself writes and, subject to the recognitio of the will. Highly Edition, Complutensis, Royal Antuerpiensis, Arias Montano, Bob. Stephen Elia Huttero, Valtonis are the best and the most ancient codex employ to retain. Hence, if it is desired in some cases, this appears attributable to fraud and deceit is the evil of that of the Arians, who has woven this text scraped off, because they was pricked and was transfixed their heresies or calumnies; and Jerome. Secondly, isius Web connection is not permitted here, there will be no sense of the following words; And there are three that bear witness in the earth, and are clearly subordinated to it, there are three did not precede the others are witnesses this day, who were not of the Land, and the confirrnatur from the spring. 9, where the human and divine meeting mentioned “If the testimony of men, God is greater;” As well as of men, the testimony of God, Is it not been said that this presupposes the collation. In the third verse of the Fathers of this, keep it, and praise Him; Cypriani lib. de Unit. Eccles. says, “Lord, I and the Father are one, and again the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is written, and these three are one.” Ath. .Antioch dispute on the Council of Nicaea in private habitts book. i. to Theophilus., ldacius against Varimandum, Fulford rcsponsione on the objects in the infamous Sec. Fourth, the proportion of faith and places Parall cullatio which confirm what is said here, as well as the evidence, as well as about the unity of the three of those witnesses, Job. v. 36, 37 and eight. 17, 18 x. 36, 37 and XT. 26, 27, and XVI. 13, 14, 15. In the fifth, the one towards or away from Arian has been taken either by orthodox increase, until it is much more probable, whether it is the case that is attributed to the disposition describing something, than complete pericopen permissible to insert or deceit , it is conceivable, rather than that of the Orthodox Arinna having been accused of this, both because it is oftentimes fall into in this respect are laid open by us is the dishonesty of haereticum, in the first place, and that of the Arians, who had no other Scripture for further mutilarunt but, as Saint Ambrose, speaking of the faith, v. 7, and the Holy Spirit III. 11; not only because it was more advantageous to the enemy extending this scratch off the ends of those, which the Orthodox him to add, that, if this was a genuine son, from the fact of them altogether, overturned their heresy; but if it is SUBSTITUTED not depart from it was like to be and of the Orthodox with regard to the doctrine of the Trinity, which is clearly also from other passages in the Bible is proved. Therefore, it is entirely likely that the Arians; Socrates waits for the historians. Eccles. lib. VII. c. 32 and Tripar. XII. I had shown that old interpreters, and that some of those who are this is the first epistle of John. corrupted when separated from God in Christ. Nor is this, it was difficult to hands of the Arians, while the emperors were Arians, and the bishops, the Orthodox driving, take possession of almost the whole world.

6. At this point it ought to be opposed to truth or to the variety of Cudicum, were in a far more, and more are tested, keep it, than to omit: Do not Versionum of the Syriac, Arabic, the authority of an Ethiopian ‘s, because they ought not to be the peer of the springs, and it is quite clear that they are more recent. Nor is it to suppress the Veterum, a summons, is, because this can only be found in, in the Codes of the Greeks and the Latins, which used it, in the place that he needed; But no one can conclude that the appearance of truth ὑποβολιμαῖον with Librariorum or failure to discontinue or infamous campaign to erase possible. Neither to the context of the same series, which is the witness, indeed, on earth, of the water, the blood, and the Spirit, he spoke of the age, by which you, as the spring. 6, to the description given, requested that, here, does not, however, of things in heaven, who did not belong; For out of the combination which is the spring. 8, is added to the test σχέσιν coelestcs already know from experience. And when we were treating of the confirmation of the chief ones of the foundation of the Christian religion, but also of all of the gospel, the power, both the top of it, and it may be omitted in an irrefutable testimony of Dehua, the Trinity one Person to another of our faith, that each of the support they brought forth.

7. Authority of it, on alleged location of the place of that of the canonical, developing the sense of the words, is now come, when these three thoroughly examined, the witnesses to the nature of these, Operation, and Unity. Nature shew, who is known who they are, Father, that is, the Word and the Holy Spirit, he will guide the activity that they can do, too much. The purpose of assuring the sky. The unit agreement and ὁμοουσίαν try to be one. With regard to the first, in order the testimony not only to what is said, but also what I am most any man should say thing to be considered is accustomed to, and ought to be, so did John, denotes that the name of the Father, Of ​​a sermon, and of the Holy Ghost, by which the Three Persons, To the Most Holy Trinity is to be understood that all the orthodox unanimous consent of the acknowledgment of God, which is subsisteudi of ways distinct from one another, but the essence is the true God, and eternal, are the one. The Father, who is the first person of the stamps, have not to be taken οὐσιοδῶς in relation to the creatures created, in what sense it belongs to the whole of the Trinity, and often it is used in the Scripture, when God is called the Father of all, also of rational as well as the non-rational creature, O Job. XXXVIII. 28 Mal. II. 10. But ὑποστατικῶς the first person of the Trinity, in which he has from eternity beyond the bare-eternal and co-; With regard to this, because there is no issue to us is moved by an opponent, as He does not, we have added, in order that, concerning the second Person, who is here meant by Λόγος is described, and of which it is a controversy among us and them, we’d say.

Why Son said Λόγος.

8. The voice of the select Λόγος in a special way in order to designate the Son of God is seen by John; Where does he use it more often, especially at the very beginning of the Gospel, c. i. 1, 2, ἐν ἀρχῇ ἠν ὁ Λόγος In the beginning was the Word, Sec. And the spring. 14. And the Word was made flesh. So c. 1, spring. 1, Ep. i “That was the beginning of what we have seen περὶ τοῦ Λόγοῦ τῆς ζωης the word of life.” And it works. XIX. 13, the name of the Son of God, that they appeared to be ὁ Λόγος τοῦ Θεοῦ, the Word of God. Nor is it merely an expression of this came up to meet with John, but even though the eyes of others, and more rarely, have him should he ever looks back to Luke, chap. i. 2, “just gave us one of the spectators and officials have become τοῦ Λόγοῦ.” Paul was not obscurely it seems to him to allude to such Acts. xx. 32, while recommending that kept Ephesus conversations of God and that the Gospel can not conveniently be said; conveniently at about God; The Hebrew. IV. 12, where “the living word of God teaches and penetrantiorem any glndio edged sword,” & c., Although this is generally not a word about the inner poorly understood; which, however, are added to the spring. 13, “there is no creature that can not be displayed before him,” the show perfectly in Christ alone, to which later dcscriptionem spring. f. dcscendit. Nor is it a place in the New Testament demurn appeal is all the same knowledge; But I got the V. S., from which it could draw from Paul, from Ps. Isa. 6 The word of Jehovah The heavens are said to become not only a foreign προφοριχῷ mandate, but Word is essential and personal development, all of which were created Jonnnes testifies; And Mag. II. 5, “I am with you, says the Lord, the Word, which I made with you, and My spirit will be standing in the midst of your heart, lest ye fear;” in which the three persons to take note; First, which is designated by the name of Jehovah, the second quarter, which is by the Word, by means of which God has made a covenant with the people of God made a covenant, and in other places is called the angel of the covenant, And the third is by the Spirit, who had dwelt in them. And from here the action, then the Babylonians, was slain Paraphrastes many times, in other times, that of the Messiah, they are saying, Jehovah is the name of the מימר for that. λόγον substituted for keeping Galatinus, Book III. c. God.

9. If we now consider the question of the nature of the word of this, there are different opinions of learned men, which it were us, and there is of the institute; they perceive to be the most fitting, which is derived from the use of the voice λόγου; λόγος that is not properly addressed or address, which is the mouth, the word is usually called προφορικὸς and metaphorically in that direction, and the only thought stamps, which is like a mental tacitta speech and said λόγος ἐνδιάθετος; the means or the capacity to think, what sense Aristotle distinguishes between τὸν ἰξω τὸν ἔσω λόγον. But when God’s word can not distinguish double, another οὐσιώδη, or essential, otherwise ἐπουσιὼδη, or accidental, which is used to measure the quality of God, both of the twin τοῦ λόγου meaning it can easily be manipulated. For if we speak of the Word of accidental mode of being, another thing is the internal aspect of the mind, which is nothing else than that which is expressed in the Decree which is often done λόγον; another externwn of the mouth, or of the will to the Divine Essence, which is the declaration of the same decree has been set forth in the Word. Thus the essential words, the Son of God, are two reasons why we can Λόγος, 1. On the personal level and means of subsistence, because of the Eternal Wisdom; 2. the Office, because of the Internuncius will be made indicating that both John grin. Previously, when the Λόγον was with God and was God spring. 1. Then, when he adds that God revealed to us, spring. 18. tell the person, Λόγος internal and mental, which is generated from the Eternal Father, and those of like mind that emanates from the system, and it reports that Nazianz. He prays. 2, dealing with children, that is about 4. Theo. observes: “It λόγος have said, since he does not have the Father λόγος that came to mind, not only because of the modifications excluded, but also because of the button and the power to express it, that is the image and character of the parent who concentrates on its own Father show that the thoughts of the entire word represents, “Sec. And so the Son is said to λόγος κατὰ τὸ ἔτω, 1. By reason of principle, on account of the generation of the Son from the Father, that the word of from the mind, she has brought forth; 2. mood, because life without a father, altering an emanation of that word emanating from the nature of the mind; 3. nature of the representation, we have the perfect gifts from Father to mind the word; 4. ties, because the mind is without a word; Thus they were not the Father without the Son; The majesty of this great mystery, to sink down below the very far, however, admit that all these things.

10. Secondly it is said, Λόγος κατα τὸ ἔξω, by reason of the office of the personal and the property, in the order of action. Because, as the Father works, so by way of counsel, and of the decree of the internal, the Spirit of the Holy One in the mode of the power of God that carries out the: Thus, the Son, by way of both of the wisdom and the word of the clarified and both in the order of nature, by the providence of the general, but chiefly in the order of grace, by virtue of office mediatorio, in which, just as the word of the mentality, represent the internal thoughts; An interpreter and so is the will of the Father declares us, Job. i. 18, and the father speaks in Heb. i. 1. And therefore, the reason for the cause of it is not so, properly speaking, Λόγος he would be rendered by or to the thought simply; Even through only to pray for those words only σχέσις, but uses far more conveniently by word or by word (for word, and the word is not differ envisages whatever Bellarm. And others feel) for each looking included because the internal mental and refers to a person, Word of exeternum and oral wait.

11. Although we know that in the things that will serve the σχέσις Λόγου nomenclationem they could run, it must be admitted, however, to be the man’s secondary tantum or less, which is the glory of it, By the gift of the things that is demanded from the of Christ, the fundamental, however, be taken from the very Λόγου, in their personality and their generation. It should Socinum his followers against the rebels, who want Λόγον said only a prophetic service for Christ as it was the “first time that we have the complete will he declared,” that has Volkelius lib. III. Div. 3 and. v. Div. this, like all other private and incommunicable they always have. Then, when the Socinum this prophetic mission of Christ begins to be discharged only after its birth, even after immersion; only to be attributed to God from that time, the name of this done for him; However, since the beginning of the world Λόγον Jean has already been shown by Joh. i. 1 “In the beginning was the Word.” In fact, it is heretical to the news and creating a new report will in many ways be the most serious assertions: 1. Because voice to absolute values ​​given in writing without any limitation, about the time, or the beginning of time of the world, noting that, he should report it, I sent κατὰ τὶ there is something to be understood and to be, that this man came up to meet. 2. The creation of what is understood by all without exception were made, and the world, who do not know, spring. 3 and 10, which is the first but not the second creation can be said. 3. Obviously, this alludes to the history of the creation of John Moses relates Gen. i. And so, the word of which he speaks, is nothing else than his master himself all things, through whom God is said to have been founded; 4. How does the writing of the new creation, so any restriction uses, from which it is easily obtained, such as 2 Cor. v. 17, “a new creation called” Eph. II. 10, “is created in Christ:” But this is not so. John 5. If the goal was to Christ, that he should return immediately from the beginning of his birth, which deals only in the spring. 14, he says, “this word was made flesh “But the clear target of Jonah to describe the person of Christ, and partly from the fact that the incarnation became so they had to first use to the substantive ἦν, was that existence precedes stamps, but the latter uses the word ἐγένετο. Why is John, when we talk he speaks a word ἦν eight usurped ἐγένετο never However, the incarnation of the talks does not mean ἦν but ἐγένετο? of course she is a done thing is not the word of God, light, Life, & c., by its nature and always; and was made flesh; it exists only in the fullness of time. from these things it is now, let us add that no more, things that we do not withdraw too far from the institute, it is evident that Christ as for the word to be said, it is not only the reason, made sharers in the prophetic, that he wanted to Socinus, but even confessedly the , and in particular the nature of the person, and, indeed, am of the generation of eternal life.

3. A Spirit

12. A third is the Holy Blessed Trinity namely a third person to whom it is attributed to the momen οὐσιοδῶς simply as the said spirit. IV. For the spiritual essence and spirit; ὑποστατικῶς but also in relation to the Father and Son, by reason of existence, of the Father, the Son, through spiration; He particularly expressed, the expression “Holy God,” Gen. i. 1, 2, and “God’s Holy Spirit,” Ps. ii. 11 Eph. IV. 30, in part suppressed spirit. III. 5, 6, and in the spirit of the day, Matt. i. 18, Holy Spirit not only in form but also efficient for us because of all the responsible, to specifically and by making the sanctifying work is divided into the economy of salvation, so that election is Father and Son redemption air. I confess that the Spirit for the gifts of it may be taken at any time; But because we are in the same order with the Father and the word they do not accidentally and qualitatively, but personally to be understood.

13. However in order that they obtain these three characters to a threefold operation of the method is in the business of salvation; So a special triple bear them assigned τρεις εἰσιν οί μαρτυρουντες ἐν οὐρανῳ ​​are three that bear witness in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. The nature of God, who themselves never to have left it in the ἀμαρτυρον, in Acts. XIV. 17, much less in favor ἀμαρτυρος charge. And even though the confirmation of the Word are in themselves of it by himself, he needs the ἀυτόκιστον extremely straitened, so that it would fit, however, the weakness of our flesh, and the weakness of man, he willingly to make to maintain an unquestionable faith in the testimony of a manifold; If the law may be two or three witnesses every word may be confirmed; On the truth of the Gospel, to which so many are witnesses this day to all the larger than the exception that they make faith the divine, there is no room for doubt would be left to be or to have. They are called to testify in heaven, as well as in order to suggest that they are not only of the earthly, but of heavenly beings, of the testimony, owing to pieces by them, as well as this was borne to heaven, there to show. Now that heavenly testimony can be considered, either jointly or separately. Sometimes the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit at the same time bear witness to; To the baptism of Christ, the Father speaks from heaven, son washed up out of Jordan and the Holy Spirit descended from heaven, the Son and the quiet voice is heard in the Father, Son is manifested in man, the Spirit is known as a dove, and so did testify Augustine, as denying the Trinity, the baptism of Christ, on occasions relating Abu Arian, to Jordan, and you will see the Trinity. So the Transfiguration of these three witnesses to testify about Christ, the Father of the heavenly voice issued, this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; listen to the voice coming down from the excellent glory, Peter testified cap. i. 2d spring. 17, son of transformation, where the divine Majesty of the Arena, which αὐτόπται the Apostles, ibid. spring. 16. The Holy Spirit spoke to Moses and Elijah about his death. With it he brought it belongs with the baptism of Christ has appointed the faithful, in whom the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in whose name we are baptized, they confirm the same truth; For it was for this in the Name of the sacrament of Holy Trinity ‘s work is carried on, in order that the mysteries of the Gospel, and his salvific grace to us in Christ and sealed.

14. The truth is that the testimony of three out of three works hang our redemption needs as three distinct Saint Trinity person can have. In fact, as the mainstay of the first ought to have been doomed, destined to be acquired In the second place, the third place was acquired can be applied: The fate of the way of Yahweh, to the first act of redemption by Christ, to the Father, the first origin and person, He is attributed; Now the acquisition, who was the second son, it hath belonged to Christ the Mediator, who is next in importance; and the application, which is last in the third person, and the soil. sanctificantem. The father of us made the Son for our satisfaction and to the spirit in our operation. From here bear witness to the threefold order of the operation of the three of them currently are witnesses this day, to us the Father for the mission of the Son came into the world, through his Incarnation the Son of the Passion of dying on behalf of us, and, for practical use, and the calling of the regeneration of the Holy Spirit is working in us by, and. The father testified that he gave for sending son to redeem us that our sins and we drive to regain. By taking on our flesh, the Son, to be the, Go, and testifies that he is the Head of our Lord, who has become one like us, that they should be גאל our God, and be at peace through the blood of he was doing. At this point, and the concourse of the three of these men of divine things the witnesses to the persons concerned so that they correspond to each other, as well as in the testimony, and in their activity, nor is much broader than the one to the salvation of the one on the periphery of the operation of the business; Father chosen.

Why and how Father testifies.

15. That testimony of the truth is to have any clear for the triple we were to say, we must first see what he would testify that their judgment, and second how do you? With regard to the substance of the meeting, John has indicated very clearly that in the previous verse, 5 and 6, and light is described in the following spring. 10 and 11, since that depends in part the mystery of Christ’s divinity, that we believe to be the true Son of God and the eternal with the Father, spring. 5, “Who conquers the world but he believes Jesus is the Son of God?” In part to the mystery of redemption might have to be convinced that it is the true Messiah predicted in V. T., who must save his people from their sins; For each of them by heretics, whom I left here he is attacking John, could not walk. Therefore the spring. 6, have been walking through water and blood mm. the full powerful person, through a blood debt to the removal of the water to wash away the spot by the merits of blood for justification, and the effectiveness of sanctification. To the same aims that the adds, as the spring. 11 “This will be a testimony of what God gives us life, and this life is in His Son.” Obviously they teach that God’s love for us, it was made clear to us, to the soil. This is the sum of the Gospel, which is proposed to us are to be believed, and the finis cui to fully strengthen our faith, so that no doubt remains as to the cause, both in heaven and on the earth he chose, and an irrefutable witness was borne to. This being the heavenly Christ, the testimony of these witnesses, how I shall get from the rent, if it is required, It is not difficult for me to reply, that it was done at two points, and to the word or in deed. And, indeed, which it pertains, to the Father, of Christ, not once is introduced testifies to the extraordinary; Job. v. 37 “He sent me, he told me witness,” and Job. VIII. 18 “bear witness to me that sent me,” which he did, then the word, in part immediately, once they heard the voice of heaven, Matt. III. 17, and XVII. 5, Job. XII. 28, or indirectly through the prophets, and V. S. written that the Christ subversive Job. v. 46. ​​Act. x. 43, through Job. Baptist witness Job. i. 6, 7, “was a man sent from God, whose name is John, he came to bear witness to the light,” etc .; works and also through the limited variety of subjects in favor of Christ did, in fact, that the very Christ and Christ performed the

How Λόγος and testiere.

16. The second is a witness of Λόγος, is designated in the name of those who are not his first time, V. T.; Isa. iv. 4, “I call it a national” both here and in the New, then Job. III. 11 lasciviousness. III. 14, “a faithful and truthful, in which both the parent and the world, to testify to the truth,” he acknowledges that the governor, Job. XVIII. 37, testified λόγῳ καὶ ἔργῳ Christ is said and done; He said first, when news of its own making as the eternal Father brought to us, and will, the translator, the father whom we spoke to, Job. i. 18 Heb. i. 2. Here he tells what he has seen and heard declare Job. III. 11, 31, and his father was descended upon hearing that declares Mat. xvii. 5, listen to this. Testified that the second word, where he often set himself the Son of Christ, sent by the Father and who do the work of redemption means that the light of the world, the bread of life, the Messiah, the expected way, the truth and the life, & c., Job. III. iv. v. viii. x. 30, 35, 36, xiv. 5, 6. Neither hath this man that he might oppose, to be on its own as a testimony to this is Christ’s, and, therefore, must not be admitted, as he himself admitted, John. v. 31, “If you call me, my witness is not true,” this is not absolutely simpler, but κατα τι only be understood, teaches another room Job. VIII. 14, “Although witness to myself, my testimony is true,” when it is clear struggled, and if that is literally being pushed. Argues, therefore, said to the man, Christ, and through the granting of, according to the mind of those with whom he was dying, and those who were waiting for him, ψιλὸν ἄνθρωπον, If, I beseech you, says he, have of mine own self, that to which you believe not: the way it is as a mere human being, one’s own initiative, and, without the commandment of the Father; I confess that my testimony is not to be the truth. But Job. VIII. he speaks according to the truth of the matter, and said that the testimony of their office in faith worthy of belief, it is true, that it is, and do not come from himself, but from the Father who is with him may make known. This was, however, evidences, and all of the certainty of Christ testimome about the human person of the so great that no amount of sophistry was eluded, they could be. For if Christ did the Son of God would not have been true, with which he professed to discover, of all who have lived, far be it from evil speaking, be coming, to be the greatest, and to God contumeliosissimus we should have been so often the things about God, about the, from us the things that are false; and all that he had asserted. But in the case is universally admitted that, generally confessed them to the Jews, up to the heathen, Mohammedans, in the meaning of life and the integrity of consistent formation of mind, because with the shone the purity of the one close to him, the suspicion of this kind, all the things that keep them in check. If Christ has not been witness to the truth and αὐτόπιστον An easy to believe that God, who is the defender of his most fierce, shameless lies appositurum its calculation, and that its power and authority of his rape Usurpators to another time? Have we not long ago, he had foretold, or better, by means of the prophets, or the prophets, and to create of information, or in some the most impressive in the punishment of so great a crime, observed it; Once the angel of the affected equality and severely punished? Be open to the teaching of the course of the centuries have grown up, contrary to his quarters, and all over the world, filled with, as from its source, embraced him in the meeting, with streams of water, which was ankle-deep in the same awareness, to the knees, the chest, and the head itself, it is raised up. If Jesus had not been by God, how is it that, among so many would have been able to emerge from their kings, and the princes: and the dignity of his, who are to destroy him, strove through? What has not been suffocated by the heat of persecution and put out his great teaching? But faith is tried as the gold in the fire melted away, and is not swallowed up, in the very severe temptations Formac oresight, remained the same, and they turned out to be victorious, and triumphatrix; So many times been sifted, and purified is, for so many at the experimental stage,

Similarly, the hard oak shorn of axes,
From the very outset, and brought him the wealth of spirit from the knife.

All of which is very effective witness of Christ, which means we have returned to the unchallenged and divine. The oral evidence on this one, can be Christ appearing in various places where they may be seen and heard provided for confirmation of his gospel, as it appeared when Stephen Protomartyrs Act. VII., Paul tries to make him change Act. IX. 1. xv., have often done in the island of Patmos, a Theologian, and John, the Apocalypse. i. 2.

17. However, Christ is not only the word but above all testified that “what he testified to me that my father away,” Job. v. 36. “If you do not believe me, believe the works,” Job. x. 37, 38, “believe that I am in the Father is in me, or else I believe,” Job. XIV. 11. In order for the blood of Abel cried Heb. XII. 24, and the glory of the creative works of telling the Hebrews. XIX. 1, this divine works are a clear testimony of Christ, indeed, there are any more eloquent sermon. Thus it came as a witness to Christ himself as the most certain proof of the forward Matthew John the Baptist. xi., when the disciples sent by John the men had been sent, in order that they should inquire whether he was the Messiah, or whether someone else who we must look forward, then since the this is his answer, and forgives sins, “and report to John the things which ye see, and hearing this, the blind men their sight as they receive, the lame walk, the lepers of the world are given, the deaf hear, the dead are are raised and the gospel is being announced to the poor. “For when you were the prophecies of the Messiah, the oracle of these acquaintances and characters, more than once, that he had described the ζαυματουργὸν, Isa. XXXV. and Isaiah lxi., to be Christ, he was not able to prove, in a more certain proof that he is the Messiah, than such works, which themselves, in the very fulfillment of the oracles of the day, used to show most clearly. For those who are so many, and so great was the wondrous works to the departed, He or creature endowed with the power of the highest is above the nature of every branch freely, or makes use of the power of God: He that αὐτόθεος by the doing, in word, the same ought to be a αὐτοόπιστος. He who can do whatever he wants, the same in whatever he says, proves to be true in reality and activity; nor the sum of the vitality of a third, a lie, teaches well. Has done so many miracles, and others to the authority of Christ, therefore, in his own name, and when, to continue his work and the power of God and God has bestowed for their production, is able to survive any one is room for doubt? It could be with some appearance of truth, opposed to what is; An miracles were not true miracles? But what is a true miracle, if not surpasses that of the whole of the forces of nature, of created perfection, so that the blind man was born the vision, and to restore the dead to life, and the whole class of diseases to heal him? An sleights been? But why had not they uncovered the juggler, the Jews? Why have so many of the conjuror, who at that time used to live, did not exhibit a fraud? The juggler, and his disciples, therefore, who are with him dead, by means of the name of his dead rise not, but for what purpose and to whom, and what is good? are handed over to death, so that, as they themselves, and with hunger, by the rope, with the sword, and the cross, nothing is lost. But the juggler, the money, fame, and reputation, have regard to, there is no truth make it possible, but with the eyes with paint on doing so; Do you think such a thing in the Christ Himself, or seemed to the apostles? An investigation shows that all this magic power? But why does the blade into the exerebat? Why is it in the prosecution of this crime are silent? Why did not swallowed by the rod of Moses, but this still left today and thrive? Then, an old man so crazy dragon to tear at his breast, he willingly and happily and power waste and Matthew. XII? Does the devil and the fear and sanctity of the teacher, or trust in God and obedience to recommend? The whole Christ in that faith, hope and love in the table, and the kingdom will be established. The devil has come to seek and to advise you, however, was able to Does he mean? In short, What shall be the tallness of this kind of, is eager to go out into the open, which is still running, and hiding places, secret only at men ‘s consciences, asking for nothing, and also compels a man to confession, and which convinces us that, to say nothing he may flee thither; And κρυπτὰ της ἀισχύνης investigations.

18. xxvii., and was not believed by the faithful, and has been approved by God, not aware of the enemy, the power of the victor, being faithful to the truth of the promises of the experience of what happens, the end of the existence of, and the God of righteousness, and satisfaction, and the perfection of the. For unless He had been sent by God was in Christ had He not been truly the Son of God, with which he made profession, but an imposter and a usurper, which it finally triumphed gloriously; the covenant, so God in him by raising a mighty power to be hacked? Is it credible that God was allowing it to spread widely faith in the resurrection, and so many wonderful world turning effect? Hence Paul, Kim. i. 4, it says that the seed of David according to the flesh ὁρισθέντα has just been like a formal decision, “Son of the Spirit of holiness by resurrection from the dead,” and elsewhere in 1 Tim. III. 16, justified the false accusations against the opponents of the glorious resurrection through the same things forever, through which he offered in Hebrew. IX. 14, that is, divinity occurred. Christ is another sign of a brighter and more certain argument divinity and its heavenly call, as he is a resurrection, this temple, he said, Job. II. 19. Jews who asked what sign is made to believe, and the third day he will raise him, and Matt. XII. 39, “The nation this false signal, but the signal can not be anything else they sign,” & c., Except for the rising Christ eredidissent no other argument was that the credit could force them.

How the testator?

19. Λόγον catches witness testimony whey, which is also divided, and the words and the words and deeds of Christ document. For thus it is really Christ Himself who He suggests this, John. XT. 26: “When the Paraclete, a witness to Me” and, c. XVI. 13, “I do not speak on his own, but whatsoever he shall hear, speak, and he will announce, will glorify Me,” Sec. Hence Paul, Kim. VIII. 16, says, “Spirit συμμαρτυρεῖν with our spirit that we are children of God.” Testified not only indirectly, through the missionaries who comes from the Holy driven so that the rest of the conversation are also directly visible on Apostolos shedding when the customary day of Pentecost, visible, with an amazing account in Acts, down, then the public integrity, and the truth, and exaltation of Christ on the testimony of a witness to, integrity, and it was clear wrongfully convicted decision, in the name of the Father is this gift for pouring; Truth, because Christ is thus fulfilling the promises are often given the mission of a witness to the fact that he showed to the whole of her divine authority to reconcile; Great, except that after the death and sufferings, and being exalted to the right would not be able to send Spirit “Had it away, the Paraclete will not come, but if you send him away,” Job. XVI. 7; So Peter the mission, as a result of the exaltation stamps Act. II. 33. In the second place of the Apostles through the effective attesting that he is changing them, for when he had so powerfully on the minds of, and the end that their hearts to others, so that they were unlearned and ignorant men, who formerly was rude, they were full of the knowledge of the mysteries of the heavenly bodies, with all instruments, the voice of the slave to the least apt to take alarm the timid, and feared to those who, full of courage, and in the presence of imperterriti they are restored to their kings and princes, who are inarticulate, you, most eloquent, who had nothing, except the land of whether they minded place, this is the mighty works of God, let them speak; Who does not recognize is a telling Christ, by whom they were sent, having been a witness to the testimony of the Spirit?

20. Third, testified that, through the apostles, and the apostles accomplishment; Seemed to be the voice of the devils out of the bodies of the Apostles to go out For as he approaches, sick to be healed, the blind men, to be illuminated, the dead are raised up in them; When you shall honor of the idols of them are fallen, and the oracles, and struck dumb by eloquence of the orators, and the subtlety of the philosophers, the majesty of the kings, and of the princes to shame, has been, and she was thrown down, who will be a present of God, of the finger, This fellow doth not he recognize? How watching the words of Paul Heb. II. 3 and 4, he said, “God witness approval to his word, signs and wonders and various miracles and Holy Spirit. “Fourth and finally testifies that the religious conversion of an end to violence conviction; For that you may, through Christ, the salvation of the pious but inwardly persuades in regard to acquired; Thus, it convicts the wicked of the truth of the gospel which you are fighting against, and of the divinity of Christ, in His members, whom you persecute, Christ ministers that they who will not be compelled to give way, and in this way to the conscience of to be returned to ἀναπολόγντοι: To this effect, the illustrious place, John. XVI. 8, 9, where the spirit of the evidence, he says, “the ἐλέγξει convince the world of sin, righteousness and judgment,” that is, very clearly point out to the faithful, what sense is called Faith ἔλεγχος Heb. XI. 1, and the power to convince them of these three women. And these are the three things, in which in particular is done upon the testimony of the Spirit, as well as for the men of conscientious utilles convince him with prove the view that as well as, towards the wicked I have, utilles convince him with to be condemned: The sin, righteousness, and judgment; The sin committed, could be embraced all the righteousness of the righteous, judgment is to be avoided; Sin of the world, of which all are accused of justice, being deprived of all things, the requirements of that most certainly is imminent, which will have a copy of the devil. In disbelief shows the gravity of sin; Justice assurance and certainty of the resurrection, the right ages of women; Infallible in their judgment and punishment of the devil, and death have been conquered and confused, Cal II, 15, Todi. II. 14.

Unit test quality.

21. Thus, having disembarked his witnesses of these testiuuonio, Songs of Unity is examined in a; καὶ οἱ τρεῖς ἕν εἰσὶ said John, these three things. For it was because of many acts, so that their body weight, and is greater than the authority of, the consent of their intimates that there was, and that the consent of the perfect man and teaching, and to the unity of their essence, the things of the unity of the will is a sling in his turn. Will cry out against this Socinus, who, in order to evade the force of argument, and this on the one side we ask for the ὁμοουοσίᾳ of persons, struggles to reach this unity be referred to the unity of only an agreement and of witness, and this has risen above it is trying to, as well as from the goal of John, who is the unity of the congregation, to prove it, as well as from a variety of the Scripture, places, to be parallel, can be taken in any other sense in which the voice is not the same, as well as from a good many of the Orthodox point of view, the unity of those who believe that ‘s consent to be considered here. We, however, we do not deny, indeed, to pay attention to the Apostle, the unity of the eonsensus and of witness, but what she’s doing so much out of it, to the exclusion of the unity of the essence, exclude that. In fact, our aim is the unity of the state, like the foundation of unity will. Reasons which led to believe it is very important: 1. expression that is used by John in the description of witnesses, both in heaven and earth than unity; In fact, he says, is εἰς τὸ ἔν of the land animals have not, to be in the one, or to one; But the heavenly simply be one τὸ ἔν εἰσὶ. So, then, if the same are in each case the unity is to be understood it would be, of course, the unity of the agreement, is to be able to be, different from speech is the reason, why do you not, prevented him grievous, for it springs from this last word, to the faithful was at hand, lest you might fall into error were to be introduced, the unity of the essence of witnesses, these being formed is, the things that yet there was no ? Why not say that about both of them, or τὸ ἔν, or εἰς τὸ ἔν εἰσὶ? Of course, there can not be brought to a crisis of the following explanation of the genuine, unless it is necessary to acknowledge the unity of the diversity of some, such as the consent of the witnesses of the unity of the land and, indeed, to have a reason, because they believe in one; and such courage. However, witnesses have been excluded from the celestial meeting, and the unity. Nor is it caused by the heretics ought to be opposed Edition Complutensis, that is of the witnesses, the heavenly bodies and said that there εἰς τὸ ἔν: To take away the faith of the rest of οmnium In fact, it can not be approved by the authority of one of the Code of whom Rob. Stephen, and he made a collection of great importance attached to the others, who are constantly on our reading, keep it.

22. Secondly, the aim of the apostles prevails. Thirdly, it teaches that witnesses such an appeal. For when they shall be called in witnesses in heaven, not way because he wanted John to tell, that those heavenly beings, to testify, and the witness to Christ from heaven; otherwise it would not be only three in, but far more could be said, if indeed it could be called, and which fell from the angels in heaven are witnesses this day in this way; However, the nature of the divine, as the sky in Scripture is often usurped by God for it, where V. 9, calls this testimony, which opposes the testimony of men. Now, if these three witnesses of divine law, Debeir to be one in the unity of the essence, it is the number of, because there is only one God, and there is nothing in God that is not God Himself, the God of. This is confirmed by the witnesses to the Fourth, this being due to the conjunction of these men: For those who are witnesses at the same time are joined together, and in the same way, said to be one, is similar to that of those in the unity of the system. But the Father, the Word and the Spirit are joined together, and in the same way, said to be one, he must prove that they can, then, be like them, in the unity of the: Behold, the Spirit of the Father and the Holy Spirit, on the mind of his adversaries with a one, not only to the consent of, but also of the essence. The Father, Word and Spirit are one essentially. Fifth, the same unit should understand how Christ has other benefits for himself and Father John. x. 30, “I and the Father are one,” It’s not only the consent of the unit, but the unit also essential parts: 1. The Jews understand this way, when the rail for this war, the fact that human being would be to make God the spring. 33. 2. Christ does not deny, but also confirms the identity of his Father spring. 37. “If I do what my Father does not believe me, but if you do not believe; will know and understand that the Father is in me and I in him. “But, if they have it driven by Judacis; Why does not repel the vanity, the accusation against him, by showing that his own mind and to interpret them wrongly, since it is not of the unity of the essence, in so far as to him, they could go, but he would have expressed himself concerning the consent of the will, and will only be one? Since no such intent K. witness, confirms further that said, it is clear that this was really his mind, which is ascribed to them by Jews.

23. It is not to be denied, the force of the argument, however, a variety of Heretics, is here to receive the foil. First it can be concluded that the more the unity, when three witnesses, one can say how and when “Paul and Apollo are called to be one,” 1. III. 8, when Christ prays for Job. xvii. 21, to “Believed to be one, as we see in the relationship with the Father, so that they all have one,” referring to the unity of the one he or while Paul, 1 Cor. force. 17, “which is joined to the Lord, is one Spirit,” he says. Ans. But who does not see, the same is for the manner of heretics by the deceitfulness of sin by his peers, but was quite dissimilar to contribute? Even though the same words as they are used, it does not follow, however, to be in the same sense is to be taken; The words should be understood that the subject matter. Paul and Apollos, well, said to be one, as well as the response. qfficii, because it is the same as the function of support, as well as the response. weakness, because there are essentially, and there can be no Christ; But it is clear that one can speak of a nature, that they are distinct from the persons who have different numbers essence. However, three divine persons do not make three gods for divine person is a unique individual essence. 2. The second reason is solved by Job. xvii. 21 accused because he draws the “unity of the spiritual and mystical,” which consists in a shared spirit to the “right to be told” Persons of the Trinity. Nor can the particle καθὼς illnesses, it is not always known for their equality or identity, but very much like to have some information, such as when he commands us “to be holy as he is holy,” Lev. XI. 44, Christ “as we mature and miserable heart as well as the heavenly Father is perfect and compassionate,” Matt. v. 48 and Luke. force. 36, and Paul, “to walk in love, as Christ loved us,” Eph. v. 2, there is a clear analogy connoted that do not have full and absolute equality. 3. The addition of 1 Cor. force. 17, no more urgent task: For Paul does not say sure to be one with God, but that one Spirit, that is, to be a Spirit that participate of one Spirit, who proceeds from the head to all members of the same in the frame work that works being in the head, for example, the life, the light of faith, holiness, joy, and glory.

24. They also added the heretics, the teachers of our own primaries, Calvin, Beza had made plain, in no other way, than by the unity of the consent, in another passage, therefore, we wish to refer to. Ans. 1. Although Calvin and Beta is now explained to be held in the words of their oath, because our faith is not a man, but God alone and His words strikes. but rather to the agreement, he is saying that Father and his eternal word, and the Holy Christ both demonstrate a certain harmony, “Sec. Who does not acknowledge that he is not separately simply, but by comparison, to speak, and this his the mind, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit is, indeed, one in essence, three in Person, the God, from which a little before he had said, have faith in the one of the Godhead the essence of the three persons to acknowledge, but it is here to be brought forth, properly speaking, and the chief of the essence of the one that the witness was not, but was sent to bear witness are three distinct persons, are one and the same witness to the of the Christ? so that it has the interlinear gloss, All three of these things are one, the same thing, that is, in witness to the one God of the. And even if we add the two witnesses are one reply in the same sense, that he understands absolutely and without qualification; But with regard to the set of Jonah and the harmony of heaven and earth as witnesses to show the presentation of the Messiah. Hence, it is evident how preposterously and bad faith, the high was indeed a man of God, may be led away, by some, as it were, the Arians and thus favorable to the charges: For, even if the human race were anything, He suffered, died, was not satisfied with plenty of practice was the mind of the Holy Spirit in one or in the other place, is not, therefore, comes, and with so much of the mystery of the faith, whereas in another place solidissime by irrefutable arguments, and so many, and in this very place, and strengthens them, to destroy a reconciliation with. It is not the intention of Bezæ, which are, so the unity of the consent of the board you will face the John speak, so that the unity of the essences do not deny that, but it supposes a rather, “Just one thing,” he says, “that is, is wholly yield to it, as if it were one witness, they were, that they in fact are one, and, if the οὐσίαν , you look at, but it will not, as it seems to me, it is not dealt with in this place: “what have we here it is, that among the heretics as a guarantee of, what do you not, rather, of those that most pestilent error of the cutteth their Throat?

25. From what has been discussed so varied flow that comes from the inner to the august mystery in which we belong strengthen the arguments. 1. It is from here that Trinity has not been entirely ἀγραθον voice, such as the Anti-old and new drive, although the αὐτολεξεὶ or in the abstract is not valid, however, exist in concrete, the equivalent of ours is clearly prevails. For what is the Trinity, the unity of which of the three of these men? Hence, there is checked the most impure and evil speaking, be pestilentissimi of Servetus, who recite only one person wants to be, which is to be designated by the names of the tribes, and the modes of the three witnesses is said to be because of the different of being a witness. For who is there of the one and the same man, who, about something that bears witness to, in writing, and the seals of the testimony of his own, and he confirms it, it is well to say that there are three witnesses, because of the threefold of being a witness to the mode? Therefore, besides the Father, two other witnesses in the sky for deciding, as a distinct person, for his part, will attest. Neither hath this man must be stored, as soon as the personality of the office of a witness does not say anything, since they are to establish three cities in the land of the witnesses, which, however, differ, not in personally: for, though he can not be inferred, from the testimony of the witnesses shall be the subsistence of their personal and things in earth, but only the real distinction; It does not follow that they would refer as well to have, that mention has to heavenly things, and of the witnesses; because it is here from the words they shall not be used improperly, but, properly speaking, is to be considered, in what sense is the person belongs only in a. How can we call the witness, when the Father and Son imposed by the same method must be taken into heaven when three witnesses claimed here. But, properly speaking, they do not deny the Father and to the Son, to the tribe of his adversaries, and most clear is from the John. v. 32, and eighth. 16. Therefore it is also, properly speaking, is received when it is assigned to the three witnesses in heaven: That could not be confirmed, as well as from the baptism of Christ, as well as from the baptism of our God, where the three persons distinct from one another, in some of which the name of the baptism of the work is carried on, mention is cast on the place, even if now we were dealing with.

26. In order that the truth of the Trinity, from this place it is found that clear, I will It was therefore no less clearly confirmed by the inhabitants of the persons ὁμοουςὶα, since he not only witnesses to the voice from heaven, who are witness of God is to us, ’tis said, but he put one be said to exist, has not come to the unity of the understanding and of the will, but also of their essence, and the divine nature, to belong we have mentioned above: do not want mystery, that he is One, are not One, but the latter, for the person of note, because it is the truth of nature; For there is indeed a ἄλλος καὶ ἄλλος in the Trinity, but they do not ἄλλο καὶ ἄλλο, there is one person, it does not, however, the nature of other things: it is in the incarnation, He may be an ἄλλο καὶ ἄλλο the opposite, but it is not ἄλλος καὶ ἄλλος, because the other two are of our nature, but only one person. Here Grego. Nazianz. Ev immersion Unity Trinity, and Trinity unit appropriately designed admirabundus, ού φθάνοι τὸ ἕν νοῆσαι, καὶ τριςὶν περιλάμπομαι, φθάνω τὰ διελεῖν, καὶ εἰς τὸ ἔν ἀναφέρομαι.

27. On the St. personality invincible proof that the two are in the witness of the Father, the Word, as the third witness added that the Father, the Word itself distinct that give personal Christ, to that degree it is the spirit that is in the same order is placed, the person the real thing is merely the testimony of the things that can not give him more. with one and the same essence and virtue is in us by the witness; the third, a certain person from the Father, and to the Word must necessarily be distinct, and the contacts with the same testifies to the extraordinary to be understood come for whom it would not be able to give the witness of so many personal actions, there will be consolation, to send, to scrutinize the, & c. But to the tribe, unless it is true, and, properly speaking, was summoned to appear in person.

28. In short, the necessity of the faith in this mystery of salvation in no ambiguous terms to prove the necessity of. These two persons and in witness to this stage, since the three of Christ; no one is able to believe in Christ, who is supposed to bear witness that there may receive it, and, therefore, they do not, and confess over him. And of course, with faith in God, however the word we have made clear to everybody held; No one can have a Father who denies the Son 1 Job. II. 23, No article does not see this as a fundamental truth, which may be “observing” a “presumption to believe” they “pity, and you know life,” to be learned once Bernard. Thus, although this is made manifest, and it is by far the more clearly under the New Testament, the mystery; have been, however, it is not unknown in the Old, but sufficiently initiated into the comfort of the godly, it is revealed, we may not doubt. What is left, therefore, but to be always constantly hold fast the faith of so great a mystery, an irrefutable witness to these two persons bear witness to Christ, and, when the three; Let us take care of our unbelief, you will not at any time let us disdain: It is indeed full of faith in him, yielding to the πληροφορία, let us believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah is the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name, John. xx. 31. Amen.

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