The Doctrine Relating to Canon – Method of Faith

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The Doctrine Relating to Canon


by Louis Gaussen

401. We are come to what, after all, forms the surest foundation of our confidence relative to the entire collection of the Scriptures.

But it will be necessary, before entering on this important subject, to premise two observations.

The first is, that our inquiry is no longer confined to the New Testament. Henceforward we shall treat of the entire canon.

In the second […]

The Doctrine Relating to Canon – Part 1

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The doctrine which concerns the canon of Scripture is this that God himself has made Himself its guarantee, that His almighty providence is engaged for the preservation of this sacred deposit, that He has guarded, now guards, and will guard it, till heaven and earth have passed away. In more precise terms, it is, that God, by a secret and perpetual agency, watches over His written “Word, because He watches […]

Kruger, White, & Lovecraft Walk Into a Bar

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Kruger, White, & Lovecraft Walk Into a Bar

At the recent G3 conference in Georgia, Dr. Michael Kruger & Mr. James White had a discussion on the Doctrine of the Canon*. The first part of the discussion was actually quite profitable, apart from Mr. White attempting to make it all about him. During the first part, both stated unequivocally that we must appeal to Scripture to inform us about how we are to authenticate the books […]