Matthew Henry, Cyprian, & the Comma

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Matthew Henry on the Comma Johanneum, Cyprian, Thomas Aquinas, and the Complutensian Polyglot

This post originated from a meme and a post in the Confessional Bibliology Facebook group and from the claim of a popular evangelical that Cyprian did not quote 1 John 5:7.  This post also has the added benefit of dealing with the claim made online, in response to my previous post A Short Response to James White, that the […]

A Short Response to James White

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Faulty Facts and Assumptions

On Thursday, June 9th, James White posted in the Reformed Pub about the Comma Johanneum.  Like most of Mr. White’s previous interactions with those of us that hold to the Confessional view of Scripture, Mr. White failed to understand the key difference between our position and his, he then claimed victory, and did a Dividing Line episode engaging in ad hominems.  This time however he was called out for his […]