Why New Testament Textual Criticism Can Never Arrive at Truth

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RTC as a Thought Experiment


So let’s pretend we have completed such an experiment. We begin our experiment by printing off a copy of the book of Matthew. This printed copy (autograph) is then given to 10 people to copy by hand. Each of their 10 copies are given to 10 more people to copy. Each of these 100 copies is now given to another 10 people to copy. And each of these 1000 […]

Being Proud of Your Heresy

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When it comes to the foundation of Christianity, the Bible, humor seems to be out of place.  But occasionally the enemies of God’s word provide us with a good laugh by telling the truth about their ungodly intentions.

Not only is this page from NA27 confirming that it is produced in agreement with the Vatican and that the Vatican has supervising authority when it comes to changes to […]