Bullinger’s Sermon on the Word of God

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Of The Word Of God; The Cause Of It; And How, And By Whom, It Was Revealed To The World.


ALL the decrees of Christian faith, with every way how to live rightly, well, and holily, and finally, all true and heavenly wisdom, have always been fetched out of the testimonies, or determinate judgments, of the word of God; neither[1] can they, by those which are wise men […]

Providentially Preserved?

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Within Christendom there are two opposing views concerning the intent of the phrase by His [God’s] singular care and providence, [the Scriptures are] kept pure in all ages.  Does it refer to a generic preservation that doesn’t guarantee textual purity throughout the historic life of God’s people, the Church?  And does it require the Church to turn to atheists, theological liberals, and papists to provide us with our Scripture?  Or does it refer to something more. […]