Kruger, White, & Lovecraft Walk Into a Bar

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Kruger, White, & Lovecraft Walk Into a Bar

At the recent G3 conference in Georgia, Dr. Michael Kruger & Mr. James White had a discussion on the Doctrine of the Canon*. The first part of the discussion was actually quite profitable, apart from Mr. White attempting to make it all about him. During the first part, both stated unequivocally that we must appeal to Scripture to inform us about how we are to authenticate the books […]

Edward Freer Hills and the Last 12 Verses of Mark

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5. The Last Twelve Verses Of Mark Burgon’s best known work in the field of textual criticism was his treatise on The Last Twelve Verses of Mark, which he published in 1871 after years of preliminary study. (61) For over a century this volume has deservedly been held in high esteem by believing Bible students, and its basic arguments all this while have remained irrefutable. In the following paragraphs, therefore, an effort will be made […]