Idolatry & Atheism

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The Idolatry & Atheism


Restoration Textual Criticism

The current low view of Scripture held by those who contend for Restorationist Textual Criticism, was at one time considered by men such as John Owen to be both idolatrous and bordering on atheism.  RTC, which originated with the Roman Catholic priest Richard Simon, was recognized by such men as a direct attack on the foundation of Protestantism:  Sola Scriptura.  What strange times […]

Dan Wallace & Why a Little Research Goes a Long Way

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In a Facebook group, a friend on FB tagged me on a discussion about the following article:  Is “Lucifer” the Devil in Is 14:12.  I’ve reproduced a couple of quotes below.  But before I begin, let me say this:  Lucifer did not originally refer to the Devil except as Matthew Poole states, in a mystical way.  So let’s exam some of the quotations from Dr. Wallace’s article.

In Job 38:32, the KJV […]