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Western Text Type
Fragments of manuscripts can be traced back to 2nd-3rd century AD and in many quotations from early Church writers. Mostly found in Western parts of Europe, etc.
Most Church quotations from the 100-300 time period match the Greek Western Text Type, not the Byzantine Text Type the Textus Receptus was based on. A minority match the Alexandrian Type, with little to no support in early Church writings for exclusively Byzantine readings.
Cesarean Text Type
Much the same as the Western Text Type, with some Byzantine influence. Mostly found in the mid-east. Some argue that the Western and Cesarean should be considered the same Text Type.
Alexandrian Text Type
Fragments of mss can be traced back to 2nd-3rd century AD, and in quotations from Origen. Mostly found in North Africa and so called because they fit the pattern found in Alexandria Egypt.
Byzantine Text Type
Earliest manuscripts of this Text Type are from about the 5th century AD, but quotations from early Church writers trace this back to about the 4th century AD.

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I hold to the historic Confessional view of Scripture as found in Chapter 1 of the WCF/2LBCF. I reject Restorationist Textual Criticism and affirm Preservationist Textual Criticism

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