A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew

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Book Cover: A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew
Part of the Hebrew Language series:

This grammar is based upon simple rules which are explained from the point of view of ordinary speech. The language employed is free from heavy technicalities, and grammar itself is arranged in a succession of inter-dependent chapters, each accompanied by exercises in Hebrew - English and English - Hebrew. Vocabularies and tables are also included, and irregular verbs are rationalized philologically. The grammar has been planned to introduce the student as quickly as possible to a working knowledge of Classical Hebrew.

The first edition was published in 1939. This second edition repairs small omissions of reference and includes other corrections of a fairly minor kind.

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I hold to the historic Confessional view of Scripture as found in Chapter 1 of the WCF/2LBCF. I reject Restorationist Textual Criticism and affirm Preservationist Textual Criticism

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