Francis Turretin’s Doctrine of Scripture

Doctrine of Scripture

This begins a series of 21 blog posts taken from the PDF 21 Questions of the Doctrine of Scripture by Francis Turretin.  Other series will include the works of John Owen, John Gill, R.L. Dabney, Edward Leigh, etc.  Hopefully breaking out such writings in single posts will make them easier to find for reference and study.  This post will serve as the index post for the 21 following posts.  Each post will be in the same Categories:  Doctrine of Scripture, Francis Turretin, Turretin’s 21 Questions.  Post will have Tags based upon the subject of each question and will also include the title of the post..

About the Author:

I hold to the historic Confessional view of Scripture as found in Chapter 1 of the WCF/2LBCF. I reject Restorationist Textual Criticism and affirm Preservationist Textual Criticism

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